This International Women’s Day (3/8/2021), Pop Culture Classroom is highlighting the role of comics, video games, movies, and other pop culture in empowering women and girls and promoting gender equality — and you can help!

At Pop Culture Classroom, we believe strongly in the power of pop culture to educate, inspire, and connect. As educators, fans, and creators, our staff is dedicated to lifting up a more inclusive, empowering notion of the hero for the future.

Share Your Comments

Share your voice — and words of encouragement — about the power of representation for women and girls in pop culture. You can reply with text comments or upload a video using the form below.

  • Your Replies

  • In what ways do comics, pop culture promote the empowerment of women and girls and gender equality?
  • Growing up, who were the women and girls in comics/movies/games who inspired you and why?
  • What encourages you about the direction of women and girls’ representation in pop culture?
  • How could representation and empowerment of women and girls be improved in pop culture and the creative arts?
  • If you prefer, you can upload video responses to any of the questions above using this space. Please limit videos to less than one minute or 50 MB.
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