By Faith Ojebuoboh , PCC Instructor

Running tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPG’s) is fun, but occasionally we as storytellers (aka: Game Masters/Dungeon Masters) struggle to plan or prepare new stories for our players.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to help jumpstart your next game. You can use any of these 11 prompts for any game and change aspects as needed. How you use or modify these prompts is up to you!

Jumpstart Your Next Tabletop Roleplaying Game with These 11 Story Prompts

  1. A strange sound has been coming from the woods for weeks. It’s starting to scare those who live by the woods.
  2. An assassin comes to your party asking for your aid. The assassin has been tasked with killing a member of the group/the assassin’s family member/an important figure. They wish to keep the person safe, instead of completing their contract.
  3. A rich person’s favorite pet needs to travel safely from a party and back to their home. Pet-nappers are very interested in taking the pet and then asking for a large sum of money.
  4. A very important technological advancement has been made by a young woman. She believes her technology could be used to hurt others if it falls into the wrong hands. She has had some strange threats, and she hopes to find a new place to live and hide her research from those who wish her ill.
  5. Dragons! The small town has heard roaring and seen a large creature flying over the town. The adventuring party has been asked to parley with the dragon, see what it wants, and hopefully leave the small town in peace.
  6. A flying castle has been seen in the sky. Maybe it’s time to investigate?
  7. All the rats are speaking to the kids in town. They keep talking about the “big mean one”.
  8. A man has recently arrived in rags, murmuring about the eyes and fangs. That’s all he says, over and over.
  9. Your vehicle has broken down, and not far off, there is what looks to be a manor. Maybe that is a place of safety?
  10. The house of a fellow friend has gone dark up on the hill. Sending letters or individuals up to learn anything about them has returned nothing. It’s time to go investigate yourselves!
  11. A tower has appeared overnight. Who knows what secrets it holds…or how long it will stay before it disappears…

Leave a comment and let us know how you would adapt one of these prompts for your own adventure or share unique prompts of your own!

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