The Force is with Corellian Droidworks at the 2018 PCC Kids’ Lab!

by | Jun 16, 2018

Join Corellian Droidworks in the Pop Culture Classsroom Kids’ Laboratory this year to learn what goes into creating these real-life technologies from a galaxy far, far away! 

What’s Corellian Droidworks? A local Star Wars fan club, it was started by small group of passionate engineers and fans who built R2D2 models, and it’s grown to include other droid builders, cosplay costumers, and movie prop hobbyists.  

In the past they’ve partnered with a number of charitable entities, including Lucasfilm Force for Change, Wings over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, and Children’s Hospitalto help raise needed funding for these organizations, and also to share their passion with local communities. We are so excited to welcome them for the first time into the PCC Kids’ Lab!  

At this year’s Kids’ Lab, Corellian Droidworks will be hosting activities, including a voice-over station, interactive droids, museum-grade exhibits, photo ops and tons of Star Wars-themed areas that are meant to teach STEM through science fiction, fostering kids’ interest in science, engineering, math and technology.  

Some of the activities in their Kids’ Lab exhibit include: 

  • A real-time voice over station:  Attendees can talk into a microphone, and instantly change their  voices into Star Wars characters, like a StormtrooperDarth VaderKylo Ren, etc.
  • Control an astromech dome: Attendees will get to control the dome of a droid, to understand the functionality and design that goes into it. The dome will be clear, to show the internal components of the droid, and RC radios will allow users to control dome rotation, holoprojector movement, the periscope (raise/lower) function, and lifeform scanner (up and down motion).
  • Interact with a “smart” droid: Cameras and monitors allow attendees to show the droid an object. Then they’ll watch, as the droid uses state-of-the-art “deep learning” to detect objects, and tell the user what it sees.  Droid can also detect people walking around and will automatically interact with them.   

Corellian Droidworks’ goals for this exhibit are to create a fun experience, while exposing attendees to technology in the form of a familiar genre. These exhibits have been known to create a distinct appreciation for the amount of engineering, math, and science that goes into creating this real-life technology.   

As any frequent visitor of this website knows, we believe that pop culture, comics and sci-fi are vital tools for any educator, and this exhibit is one great example.   


Make sure you check out the Corellian Droidworks exhibit at this year’s Denver Pop Culture Con! To find out about all the cool activities we have at the PCC Kids’ Lab this year, be sure to check out our full schedule of events, panels, activities and partners on our website here. 

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