The PCC Kids’ Lab Blasts into 2018 with Activities Galore!

by | Jun 13, 2018

Another exciting feature of our 2018 Pop Culture Classroom Kids’ Laboratory are our fun-filled Activity Areas, the STEAM Lab and the Crafts and Experiments Zone. We are so excited to bring these areas back into action for Denver Pop Culture Con attendees in 2018!

Be sure to visit the amazing PCC Kids’ Lab all weekend long to find fun, free and interactive educational activities geared towards kids of all ages. Even better, all of Pop Culture Classroom’s activities this year will reflect the Lab theme for 2018: Be The Hero. Our goal? Inspire kids to make a difference in the world, plus give them the chance to experience/create something amazing!

Whether it be through learning about robotics, space travel, engineering, science or just inspiring others with their artwork, everyone who visits our incredible STEAM Lab and the Crafts and Experiments Zone will leave with a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t soon forget!

The Crafts and Experiments Zone Offers Arts, Experiments and Tons of Awesome!

The Crafts and Experiment Zone is the perfect spot for young artists to explore and hone their crafts and tap into their inner mad scientist! Kids of all ages are welcome to stop by and make their own crafts – like superhero shields, comic book buttons, postcards, paper models and so much more. They can even take their creations home at the end of the day to show off to family and friends!

Even more, Kids’ Lab visitors will have the chance to try their hands at experiments and special challenges all day, every day. Think you’re a craft master? Try your hand at our daily challenges, where you compete in engineering tests to win special prizes. Or maybe you’d prefer some mad science? Then be sure to come by and try your hand at our hands-on experiments each day  – elephant toothpaste, kinetic sand, gak and plenty more.

This year, we’re also excited to welcome into the Kids’ Lab our friends from Minecraft, who will be bringing in paper make-and-takes; Tentacle Kitty, who will be helping kids create their very own kitty exclusives; and Arts Street, who will be running postcard-making activities and our special DPCC’18 Post Office, where kids will be able to send letters from Denver to places both real and imagined all over the multiverse!

We are also excited to share that we’ll be giving attendees the chance to #BrickYourStyle with elope, Inc. at the Kids’ Lab this year. All weekend long, we’ll have customizable wristbands, pendants and ties that attendees can design and take home! Be sure to keep checking throughout the weekend, as we’ll be unveiling one special new design each day for attendees to try.

For a fantastic and unforgettable experience at Denver Pop Culture Con this year, come by the Crafts & Experiments Zone and join in on the fun.

Learn Something New at The STEAM Lab! 

Our STEAM Lab will host science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning activities all weekend long for all ages! Our STEAM Lab gives kids the chance to learn about these topics in a friendly and inviting way, not to mention it’s a ton of fun!

Some of the activities available at the STEAM Lab this year include creating robotic and monster hands to learn about anatomy, robotics and prosthetic limbs; designing button spinners to learn about physics, color theory and medicine; and building balancing birds to learn about conservation and ecology. At the PCC Kids’ Lab, the science behind all these activities is all part of the fun – we want students to learn about what they’re creating and why it’s important, but have a great time doing it!

In addition, we are lucky enough to have amazing partners like mindSpark Learning and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS) offering programming in the STEAM Lab throughout the weekend! Stop by to try your hand at mindSpark’s augmented reality kits where you can explore the bottom of the ocean or the Serengeti, or take a swing at computer coding using kid-friendly software! As a bonus, DMNS will be helping attendees learn about space travel on Saturday and Sunday—you’ll even have the chance to build & try out your very own custom-built paper rockets!

So if you have a budding astronaut, computer scientist, inventor or doctor in your DPCC’18 crew, make sure to bring them to the STEAM Lab for a mind-bogglingly good time!

Come Join the Fun During DPCC’18!

Want to find out more? You’ll have to come by the PCC Kids’ Lab at Denver Pop Culture Con 2018 to check it out! Schedules will be posted each morning, and we have plenty of surprises in store to keep attendees guessing. Whatever you do in the Kids’ Lab this year, we’re sure you’ll love the experience and leave feeling inspired… maybe even with a fun hand-made craft to take home!


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