Complete, fully documented curricula, developed in accordance with national standards, that you can immediately download and start using in your classrooms.
  • 13th Night

    13th Night centers around a colorful cast of college-aged characters visiting the First Folio on its tour to the University of Colorado Boulder. They get swept up into a mysterious and magical force that is wreaking havoc on the order, purpose, and sense of Shakespeare’s work.
  • Game On!

    Game On! Is a standards-based curriculum that offers students the chance to play, analyze, and create their very own tabletop games. After discussing how game components work together to make a game succeed or fail, students are asked to create a tabletop game of their own centered around a topic of the teacher’s choosing.
  • Storytelling Through Comics

    Storytelling Through Comics (STC) is a standards-based curriculum that explores age-appropriate comic literature with the goals of igniting a love of learning and increasing literacy by using pop culture as an educational tool. In addition to promoting literacy and art skills, STC helps students acquire problem-solving abilities and build stronger in-class communities with their peers and teachers.
  • The Red Sun

    Welcome to the fantastic world of Orkney, where magical portals, gods, and witches run wild! Written for teachers by teachers and developed in partnership with TRS author Alane Adams, Pop Culture Classroom’s The Red Sun Curriculum is intended to provide teachers with everything they need to deepen the reading experience of this powerful book.

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