This FREE curriculum centers around a colorful cast of college-aged characters visiting the First Folio on its tour to the University of Colorado Boulder. They get swept up into a mysterious and magical force that is wreaking havoc on the order, purpose, and sense of Shakespeare’s work. With their own lives in various degrees of peril, the youthful entourage calls on their knowledge of the Bard to set things right and preserve the First Folio so all may continue to enjoy it.


Embedded throughout this engaging story are lines and references from a number of Shakespeare’s works found in the First Folio. Scorpio Steele’s dramatic visuals truly bring this experience to life. Don’t miss this unique way to introduce the timeless quality of William Shakespeare and his First Folio to middle and high school age students.

Available for free, this original comic and accompanying Teacher’s Guide offer an opportunity to develop student curiosity and create an educational hook for Shakespeare’s stories, characters and legacy. What’s more, the comic reveals a bit about the printing process, and can draw students in with resulting ‘teachable moments,’ that stem from the process, background, and value of not only the folio, but the included works. Don’t miss this original comic written by Stephen Graham Jones with Scorpio Steele as co-author and artist.


Written for teachers by teachers, this guide is intended to provide you with everything you’ll need to deepen the reading experience of this exciting book. In this guide you will find the following resources:

1. Rationale for using Thirteenth Night and Teacher’s Guide
2. A synopsis of Thirteenth Night
3. An Overview of the Life of Shakespeare and the First Folio
4. Pre-reading activities
5. Common Core-aligned lesson plans
6. Project and Extension Ideas
7. Information about the authors and artist behind Thirteenth Night.

We know that today’s educators have incredible demands on their time. With that in mind, we have created this Teacher’s Guide to be as useful as possible and highly adaptable to any learning environment. We truly hope that you and your students enjoy this resource. We created it for all!