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Welcome to the fantastic world of Orkney, where magical portals, gods, and witches run wild! Written for teachers by teachers and developed in partnership with TRS author Alane Adams, Pop Culture Classroom’s The Red Sun Curriculum is intended to provide teachers with everything they need to deepen the reading experience of this powerful book.


Completely aligned with Common Core, this new curriculum will give teachers the opportunity to introduce a modern fantasy series to students while staying in line with national standards.

You’ll find that The Red Sun provides you with a unique opportunity to engage all of your readers, including those struggling and/or resistant to other texts. The story, while focused on personal discovery and friendship, is a fast-paced fantasy story that promises to hook readers from the first page to the last.


In the TRS Curriculum, you’ll have resources aplenty to guide your students on their journey through The Red Sun by Alane Adams. We have created this curriculum to be as useful as possible and highly adaptable to any learning environment. As educators ourselves, we are aware that each educational setting is different. Therefore, we have included in this curriculum the following resources to support teachers and student growth:

  • Rationale for using The Red Sun and TRS curriculum
  • A Synopsis of The Red Sun
  • An Overview of Norse Mythology
  • Pre-reading Activities
  • 10 lesson Plans that are Common Core aligned
  • Post-reading Project Suggestions
  • Information about The Red Sun’s Author and Artist

We have many goals when choosing a book to use for instructional purposes. In addition to essential skills like reading comprehension, we have also chosen to focus on some of the main themes present in The Red Sun, such as discovering who you are and emotional awareness/management. Finally, the curriculum offers a range of project ideas centered on writing, musical arts, gaming, performance arts, and visual arts.

Using this curriculum, educators will also:

  • Ignite a love of reading in students – TRS provides teaching ideas designed to develop literary interpretation skills and personal awareness, encouraging students to enjoy the magic of the series while also gaining valuable insight into the process of reading with purpose.
  • Develop student reading comprehension through targeted exercises – TRS includes several lessons focusing on powerful reading comprehension strategies.
  • Create a community of readers –TRS helps students with the ability to read at their current grade level or higher by providing interactive activities centered on the book and its themes.
  • Improve student vocabulary – TRS focuses on vocabulary building by going beyond simple terms and concepts, exploring the use of language as a tool and encouraging social interaction and collaboration.
  • Increase student engagement – TRS engages all readers, including those struggling and/or resistant to other texts.
  • Inspire conversation regarding literature and associated themes – TRS encourages students to explore connections, questioning, visualizing, inferring, and synthesizing in order to tackle larger questions and themes within the book.
  • Help students explore new worlds – TRS provides opportunities for students to learn about Norse mythology and its relation to contemporary culture.

Please visit our Resource Page for additional pop culture resources. We also encourage you to visit for more information on The Red Sun, new books in the Legends of Orkney series, and other exciting developments.


Sam Baron is about to get the shock of his life. First his substitute English teacher claims to have turned his old teacher into a lizard; then a strange dwarf named Rego arrives and claims Sam is from a magical realm called Orkney. When his friends are taken prisoner, it’s up to Sam to save them. Sam embarks on a journey to Orkney through a stonefire to find his friends―but when he arrives, he discovers that an ancient curse has turned the sun a poisonous red and threatens to destroy the land. With only a young witch girl to guide him, Sam must choose: save his friends, or stop the red sun from consuming the land? Drawing on Norse mythology, The Red Sun follows Sam’s journey to uncover the truth about his past―a journey during which he has to overcome the simmering anger inside of him, learn to channel his growing magical powers, and find a way to forgive the father who left him behind.

The Red Sun is the first book in the Legends of Orkney six-book series.