Batman: White Knight


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White Knight is a superhero tale designed for the 21st century. Written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, this graphic novel is filled with themes and issues ripped from today’s headlines, including police corruption, activism, mental health, and much more. In doing so, the book attempts to tackle the question at the heart of many Batman graphic novels and comics within the context of today’s world: What makes someone a hero or villain, and why? Set in a modern Gotham City weary from decades of crime and a seemingly unending Rolodex of super-villains, Batman: White Knight follows an aging Batman’s gradual fall from grace in the eyes of the citizens of Gotham, the police force, and even his fellow heroes. At the same time, Batman’s greatest enemy, the Joker, has been cured of his madness and taken on the new mantle of Jack Napier. Over the next year, Napier sets out on a crusade to heal and transform the city of Gotham by showing its citizens their true enemy: Batman.