Super Sons


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What happens when the sons of Superman and Batman team up for an entirely new 21st-century action-packed adventure? Before they can join forces and work together, however, Jon Kent (son of Superman) and Ian Wayne (son of Batman) will first need to learn to trust each other. While both teens are new to exploring their super-hero roles and working as a team, they also learn there is a global conspiracy at work. The polar ice caps are melting away and threatening coastal city life. Without their fathers around, the boys team up with some friends to figure out a solution. Ahead of its time, and a strong predictor of what life may be like in the near future, Ridley Pearson’s Super Sons: The PolarShield Project asks modern readers to think about how a group of teen superheroes decide to combat the real-world issue of climate change and its growing significance on a futuristic Earth.