Educational programming and resources offered onsite at schools across Denver and surrounding neighborhoods.


Pop Culture Classroom (PCC) offers year-round, pop culture-based and standards-aligned educational programs in schools, youth centers, nonprofits, and detention centers across Colorado. Our exciting and diverse educational outreach activities harness students’ existing interests in comics, movies, television, cosplay, video games and other pop culture topics to create one-of-a-kind learning experiences for students and their teachers alike.

Each of PCC’s outreach workshops includes structured and creative programming meant to ignite students’ a love of learning, celebrate diversity, increase engagement, build community, and allow for self-expression and self-realization through the tools of pop culture. Along the way, students develop and master literacy, art, critical thinking, collaboration, social-emotional and other vital 21st Century skills.

Since 2015, PCC has taught over 120 workshops at 75 sites, reaching over 2,300 students through our innovative pop culture-based educational programs.



In order to plan and implement these programs, PCC manages an expansive team of qualified outreach instructors and teaching artists who travel and work at sites all throughout Colorado. Representing a wide array of skills and backgrounds, these teaching artists are all background-check certified and provided in-depth training in PCC’s resources, including the Game On! and Storytelling Through Comics programs.



PCC offers outreach workshops for grades 3-12.



PCC strives to keep workshops as affordable as possible, and works on a sliding payment scale to accommodate all budgets. We are always willing to work with sites on budgetary limitations.


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