2021 Excellence in Graphic Novel Submission Guidelines

Each year, Pop Culture Classroom promotes Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards finalists and winners, encouraging libraries, education groups, media, and our community of tens of thousands of pop culture fans and educators to check out these quality titles.

Excellence in Graphic Literature Award2021 EGL Awards – Why You Should Submit

Pop Culture Classroom’s Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards help:

  • Educators and librarians 
    Identify high-quality graphic literature to use in diverse educational settings;
  • Publishers 
    Highlight works that make a significant contribution to graphic literature and promote substantive pop culture education;
  • Parents, Pop Culture Fans, and Other Discerning Readers
    Find compelling, expertly crafted graphic literature to read and enjoy.


The Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards Medallion

In addition to receiving the prestigious EGL Award, winning and nominated titles earn the honor of including a cover medallion on all prints.

Attaching the EGL medallion:

  • Supports a standard of excellence in graphic literature that prioritizes deft storytelling, educational potential, and representation of diverse perspectives.
  • Tells families, teachers, librarians, and readers to expect only the most compelling, diverse and educationally valuable graphic literature within the covers of the title.
  • Promotes reader interest and sales and encourages the use of the finalists and winners for classroom and at-home learning.

Submit Titles for 2021 EGL Awards Consideration

2021 Submission Requirements

  • Pop Culture Classroom defines Graphic Literature as an art form that synthesizes text and image to present a sequential story, or series of stories, with lasting artistic, intellectual, literary, and cultural value. This medium incorporates various written and graphic elements to create an evocative and complex reading experience. We encourage publishers/creators to submit titles they feel best reflect this definition.


  • Titles may be submitted for consideration by a verifiable author, editor, or publisher.


  • Members of the juries and advisory board may reach out to authors, editors, or publishers only with the purpose of providing them with the link to the submission form. No other communication between juries and submitting parties is allowed.



  • The Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards will also honor the 2021 Book of the Year Award and Mosaic Award Winners, which celebrate stories that promote representation and diversity in graphic literature. Every book submitted will be eligible for these awards, regardless of category or fiction/non-fiction distinction.
  • Publishers are only allowed to submit a maximum of TWO (2) books per category for each distinction. For example, a publisher may submit 2 fiction and 2 non-fiction titles for each category.


  • Titles must have a publication and distribution date that falls between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.


  • Books must be submitted in English translations if previously published in another language.


  • Submitted titles may be published outside the territories of the U.S., but must have 2020 distribution in the U.S. territories to qualify for EGL consideration.


  • Single comic book magazines or stories published exclusively in single magazine format will not be accepted. However, collected editions of material previously published in single magazine format are acceptable as long as the publication date of the collection falls within the date parameters for that year’s award.

2021 EGL Submission Instructions

  1. For each book submitted, please complete the online submission form here. If you require an alternate means of submitting your digital file submission, please
    email egl@popcultureclassroom.org.
  2. Submitters will receive a follow up email within 5 business days of submission that confirms the submission and category confirmation.
  3. Online submission forms must be received no later than April 1, 2021. Incomplete entries or entries sent after that date will not be accepted for consideration.

2021 EGL Awards Timeline 

Finalists and winners will be honored starting in May and celebrated in June with the announcement of the 2021 winners for the Excellence in Graphic Literature Awards Book of the Year and Mosaic Awards.

EGL Awards Submissions Close in...








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