Welcome to the PCC Lending Library, offering the latest books for your classroom at a fraction of the normal cost.

Thank you for your interest in the Pop Culture Classroom Lending Library. Please note that we are currently in Phase One of the program rollout, during which we are only lending books to educational organizations within the Denver Metro Area. Should this phase prove successful, we plan to expand the program to additional cities.

Each of the collections listed below include 12 copies of each title. The cost to check-out a collection is $25.00, plus a refundable $50.00 deposit. Each collection also includes a freely downloadable Teachers Guide, produced by Pop Culture Classroom, to aid you in your classroom reading and study of each book.

If you are interested in checking-out one of the collections, please send email to education@popcultureclassroom.org or click on button below. A representative from Pop Culture Classroom will respond to you as quickly as possible to let you know your requested collection’s availability and to arrange delivery and payment.

Collection 1:
American Born Chinese

One high school boy’s struggle balancing his cultural and national heritage and identity.

Collection 2:

Rep. John Lewis’ journey as a leader in the American Civil Right movement.

Collection 3:

A true story about living through the tumult of the Iranian revolution.

Collection 4:
The United States Constitution

The US Constitution helps readers understand the structural foundation of the US government.

Collection 6:

Lumberjanes is the about a group of ladytypes that become friends through fantastical adventures at summer camp.

Collection 5:
Smile, Sisters & Ghost

Smile, Sisters, and Ghosts all share tales of growing up amidst difficult circumstances.